Mission and values

Our mission

Our mission? Offer healthy snacks that taste homemade and have unique textures and nutritional values.

All ZENIT products are made from natural ingredients from here and there. Being passionate about the outdoors and good ingredients ourselves, we love the privileged links that we have developed with lovers of the great outdoors and all our producers here.

Our ingredients are bursting with flavor and benefit: this is the basis of Zenit's raison d'être. Offer antioxidant, nutritious snacks with an authentic taste.

Zenit is for people, just like us, who want to play outside and give the best of their body to go higher, further.

Our values

What guides us each of our decisions.


We took the gamble of creating snacks made from real ingredients in partnership with Quebec producers and artisans - always taking the lead, never following.


We stay true to ourselves, our products, our choice of ingredients and our customers.


Our social conscience guides each of our choices and we ensure the well-being of our employees, our customers, our community and nature.


We are passionate about the outdoors and healthy eating. We are working tirelessly to achieve "the extraordinary"In the design of our products, without compromising on the taste and quality of our ingredients to allow us to reach the top.